Everyone has their favorite time of year, the holiday they love most, the season they can’t wait to experience. I love Fall; it is by far my favorite time of year.  I welcome the brisk weather, changing leaves, and most important to me, Thanksgiving. I embrace the holiday with open arms because it is one of the few times of year my family is together.

I do not host turkey day but I can appreciate the madness of what hosting such a holiday can mean for some. Especially if you are also in the midst of trying to sell your home. Prepping for Thanksgiving AND keeping your home clean and welcome for buyers? What a task!

Hosting such a holiday can be as exciting and daunting as showing your home to prospective buyers. Exciting to think you might have an interested party, daunting to think you don’t. How about tackling both challenges together? If you are currently selling your home and have taken on the task of hosting family or friends for this year’s Thanksgiving celebration, take a look at these ideas to warm up your home, making it welcome for any crowd.


●      Clean up and de-clutter!  What better time to go through old things and clean up the house for the New Year. Consider this: if you haven’t used it in over a year, you probably don’t need it.


●      Simplify and change. Can you revisit and possibly redecorate a wall of family photos by framing recent artwork done by your child? Or change a wall of frames by adding a new splash of paint, making an accent wall standout on its own.


●      Create a welcoming ‘Fall’ entryway. When people enter your home, the first space they see should be beautiful and inviting. Flowers and plants can help create a warm fall arrangement that is both natural and elegant.


●      Create a custom greeting using a homemade or store bought chalkboard, placed on a table or hung by the front door. Add a welcome note or mere reminder notes for your family.


●      Family fun that is functional. Get the family together for an art project and put together your own seasonal decor.


●      Bring the outside in. Use items from your own backyard! Gather pinecones and leaves that fall into your yard as part of your decor. Fill a clear vase or bowl with pretty leaves; leave cones on entry table or make as a centerpiece.


●      Set the mood. Buy seasonal candles and light during the day- keeps your home smelling good and feeling cozy. Candles also add a nice warm appeal to family as well as prospective buyers.


●      Bake! Whether from a mix or from scratch, homemade cookies or breads bring sensational smells into your home. Also add to your Thanksgiving menu or welcome treats to potential buyers. So many holiday recipes to choose from now too!


Tackling both Thanksgiving and keeping your home ‘buyer’ ready can be tough. However, the tips here will not only be fun for the family, it can also force you to re-invent areas in your home that need a little TLC. For more ideas on how to prep your home for the upcoming holiday, as well as potential buyers, check out home improvement magazines or Websites like www.houzz.com. Good luck!

Author: Deb Rabin